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DUBUQUE BOWLING ASSOCIATION HALL OF FAME. Initiated in 1965, the hall of fame was to honor those who achieved honors in the sport and made dedicated service to it. Selection, after nomination by at least three persons, of as many as three members was permitted each year. A Hall of Fame case with the pictures of each member was displayed during the year at the establishment hosting the team event of the annual city tournament. An identical picture was given to the recipient of the honor. Charter members, all elected posthumously, of the Hall of Fame in 1965 were John ARMSTRONG, Martin UNMACHT, Henry RIEDER, Al Murphy, and Harry Walsh.

1966--William Hessel, Colford N. "Nick" Pauly, Kenneth Roeth

     Pauly served the Dubuque Bowling Association as president from 1956-57 and 1965-66 and
     three terms as a director. In 1966 he was elected a director of the Iowa State Bowling
     Association and served as president from 1973-74. He served the junior bowling level in
     all offices including president and served as an officer of the Iowa State Senior Bowling
     Association. A charter member of the Dubuque 700 Club, he served as "King Pin" (president)
     and other offices. For over fifteen years, Pauly was secretary-treasurer of the Merchants
     League and also held the office of president.
     As a bowler, Nick had a 700 series in 1954-55. He bowled on two different teams that won
     the Dubuque City Bowling Tournament. In the 1960 Iowa State Tournament, he placed 15th in
     team, 15th in doubles, 25th in singles, and 24th in all-events. His career high was a
     709 series, a 196 average and four-279 games. He was inducted into the USBC Hall of Fame 
     in 1977.
     Hessel was elected an officer of the DBA in 1946 and served as president in 1951-52. He
     was elected a director of the Iowa State Bowling Association in 1955 and served as
     president in 1962-63. He was a charter member of the Dubuque Chapter #5 of the 700 Club
     and served the organization as an officer. He was also a charter member of the Iowa State
     700 Club and served that organization as secretary-treasurer. He was inducted into the
     USBC Hall of Fame in 1975.
     His accomplishments in bowling include 4 sanctioned 700 series, 1952 Dubuque all-events
     champion, 1957-58 doubles champion, 1960 singles champion, 1962 member of the Iowa State
     700 Club championship team, and 1972 singles champion in the Iowa State 700 Club
     In his first appearance at an ABC tournament, Roeth put together games of 224-257-219 for 
     the first 700 count of his career. He was the only one of an estimated 10,000 bowlers to
     hit the "700" mark by May in the 1965 regular division.

1967--Joe Helling/Telegraph Herald, March 7, 1971, p. 12, Robert Willman

     With Merlyn "Spike" Weber, Helling won the 1951 Iowa state doubles championship. He
     served as president of the Dubuque Bowling Association from 1959-1960.

1968--Merle Tanner/Telegraph-Herald, March 10, 1968, p. 6

Merle Tanner
     In 1968 Tanner, who served as president of the DBA in 1949 and city secretary 
     from 1953-1976, was in his 16th year as secretary-treasurer of the DBA. 
     He began bowling in 1942 and was secretary of three 14-team leagues by 
     1948. He was elected president of the DBA in 1948-49 and first elected 
     secretary-treasurer at the start of the 1953-54 season. Tanner was
     instrumental in starting the Awards Program of the DBA and began the 
     DBA officers' tournament in 1964 and directed the Oakland Dairy Holiday 
     bowling tournament over fourteen years.
     As a competitor, he scored 700 counts twice and carried a composite 
     average of 184 for the 1966-67 season. He competed in seven ABC tournaments 
     and every state tournament since his election as secretary-treasurer. He was 
     also known to aid bowlers in times of need. Tanner was inducted into the USBC 
     Hall of Fame in 1968. In 1994 Tanner was elected president of the Iowa State
     Senior Bowling Association

1969--Charlie Kutsch/Telegraph Herald, March 2, 1969, p. 21

Charlie kutsch

     Known as "Mr. 700 Club," Kutsch served the National 700 Clubs in all offices and 
     as president during the 1979-81 seasons. In 1968 he helped organize the Iowa State 
     700 Club and was elected president of the group. He was largely responsible for 
     bringing the 1969 Iowa State Bowling Association tournament to Dubuque, Kutsch 
     was a past president of the DBA, member of the DBA board of directors, and state 
     delegate for ten years. He was president of the Dubuque Classic League for two terms 
     and secretary of the Major League for several years. Kutsch was inducted into the USBA Hall of Fame in 1988.

1971--Merlyn "Spike" Weber/Telegraph Herald, March 7, 1971, p. 12

Merlyn "Spike" Weber
      Active in the DBA, Weber was a past president (1955-56), served on the executive
      committee for six years and was an officer in various city leagues
      Working with Joe Helling, he won the 1951 state doubles championship, was a
      charter member of the Dubuque 700 Club with four sanctioned 700 counts, and
      received the Martin Unmacht Award in the 1959 city tournament when he scored
      the event's high single game of 279. He was a member of the men's city
      championship teams in 1951 and 1953, proved instrumental in bringing the 1956
      state bowling tournament to Dubuque, and received the DBA Achievement Award in
      1951-52. He participated in the city tournament for 26 years, state tournaments
      for 25 years, ABC tournaments for 24 years and in the Petersen Classic in
      Chicago for twenty years. He also competed in every Oakland Dairy Holiday
      As the long-term owner of the KING OF CLUBS, Weber sponsored over 200 teams
      in Dubuque bowling leagues and city tournaments, sent 28 teams to the ABC
      national tournament, 45 teams to the Iowa state tournament and sponsored as
      many as 10 teams in a single season.  He originated and sponsored the King of
      Clubs mixed doubles tournament.  

1972--Al "Bud" Gatena

     In 1972 Gatena was the only Dubuque bowler to compete on the Professional 
     Bowlers Association tour and one of two to have represented Dubuque in 
     international competition, Gatena achieved 33 sanctioned counts of 700 or 
     better capped with a 788. He bowled five perfect games, although his 
     highest sanctioned effort was 298 in 1960. He held the city's highest 
     composite average for several seasons, won the city all events title 
     in 1961 and won four titles in the annual Big Ten Singles championships 
     at Creslanes. In addition to his year on the PBA tour, Gatena won five
     Mississippi Valley tournaments and in 1968 bowled a 1942 total for fourth 
     place in the American Bowling Congress national tournament. That resulted 
     in him becoming a member of the United States team which met the Canadian 
     champions. In 1973 he initiated a new bowling tournament called "Future 
     Stars of Dubuque" at Creslanes.

1973--Clem Welsh/Telegraph Herald, March 4, 1973, p. 13


     The owner of Oakland Dairy, Welsh sponsored and supported between 8-10 bowling 
     teams in Dubuque for nearly three decades. In addition he sponsored the Oakland 
     Dairy holiday tournament for eighteen years, a competition which drew between 
     450-500 bowlers. For sixteen years he offered an annual cash prize for the high 
     game and series for both men and women at Fischer Lanes.
     As a competitor, Welsh was a member of the Knights of Columbus state championship 
     team in 1969, member of the Elks state championship team in 1953, and one season 
     had high series at Fischer Lanes with 691.

1975--Russ Bennett/Telegraph-Herald, February 23, 1975, p. 23


     Bennett joined his first league in 134 and competed in his first American 
     Bowling Congress tournament four years later. He rolled an 1,879 all events 
     count scoring 679 in doubles, 632 in singles and 569 in the team events. He 
     achieved his first 700 count (703) on December 12, 1939 and took first place 
     in the Pla-Mor Sweepstakes at La Crosse, Wisconsin. He finished 15th in the
     Petersen Classic in Chicago and was a member of the King of Clubs team that 
     bowled a 3,240 team series in 1941. In the 1948 Iowa State Bowling Tournament 
     he rolled a 705 singles count. Despite a serious injury in an industrial accident, 
     Bennett with Dale Rogers won the doubles title in the 1955 Dubuque city tournament.

1978--A. Bud Oakley/Telegraph Herald, June 24 1992, p. 7


     A survivor of the Battle of the Bulge in WORLD WAR II, Oakley earned three 
     Bronze Stars. Returning to Dubuque, he was active in bowling and was a past 
     president of the Dubuque Bowling Association and a member of the 700 Club.

1979--Ronald "Sammy" Howard/Telegraph Herald, March 30, 1979, p. 5

Ronald Howard

     Howard achieved his first (but unsanctioned) 300 game in 1938 during 
     a practice session. Six years later he rolled his second.  He led his 
     King of Clubs team for a Classic League season-high 3,240 series, bowled 
     a 718 in the same league, placed high in a number of local, state and area
     tournaments and won the Old Style League Classic at La Crosse, Wisconsin 
     in 1948. As a member of the Dubuque Star Beer team, he won the 1955 city 
     championship. He was known as a person willing and able to help others.

1981--Jim Vogt

Jim Vogt

      Vogt was well known around RIVERSIDE BOWL working as the head
      mechanic and co-Manager. He installed the bowling lanes in three 
      different bowling alleys and was a charter Member of the 700 Club.

1984--Mike Erickson, Dick Rice/Telegraph Herald, January 29, 1984, p. 25

Harold Koppes
     The highlight of Mike's career was the 857 series he bowled in 1981. This was 
     the third highest series ever by a left-handed bowler in the United States. 
     It earned him the Ferd Lipovetz Memorial Award presented annually to the member 
     of the National 700 Clubs of America who bowled the highest sanctioned series 
     during the year. He scored 4-300 games, 4-299 games, 2-298 games, and bowled 
     182 series of 700 or more and 3-800 totals. Competing in the Greater Iowa 
     bowling tournaments, he won eight, more than anyone else, and was the top 
     money winner. Bowling in several P.B.A. national and regional tournaments, 
     his best effort was 26th place with a 299 game in Milwaukee. He won several 
     city titles and set a scratch all-events record of 2094 in 1984.
     Erickson served twelve years on the Dubuque Bowling Association's board of 
     directors including president in 1987. He was also a vice president of the 
     Dubuque Junior Board where he served for eight years. In 1989 he was 
     inducted into the Iowa Bowling Hall of Fame and the USBC Hall of Fame in 1989.

     In 1984 Rice competed in his 29th ABC tournament, but said his biggest thrill 
     came in the 1973 ABC at Syracuse when he rolled a 700 series and received the 
     Ferd Lipovitz Trophy. Although he participated in a number of pro-am tournaments 
     in Wisconsin, he never entered professional bowling.

1985--Gerry WIEDERHOLT

1986--Dave Feltes/Telegraph Herald, January 19, 1986, p. 17


     By 1985, Feltes had been a member of 35 league championship teams and rolled 
     forty-nine 700  games. His high game was 299, high series of 763 and a high league 
     average of 212 in 1975. In the sixteen years he entered the Big Ten, he finished 
     fourth or better eleven times, including four first place finishes and two seconds. 
     He had one "Great Dubuque Bowl Off" to his credit.

1987--Frank Hessel/Telegraph Herald, March 8, 1987, p. 12


     The younger brother of William Hessel, a charter member of the Hall of Fame, 
     Frank began his career setting pins at the Casino Lanes. He began bowling in 
     three leagues a week for over forty years and twice a week since 1977. In 1950 
     he rolled a 715 series and received an ABC gold belt from mayor 
     Clarence P. WELU for the accomplishment. In March, 1987 
     he bowled in his 28th ABC tournament in Niagara Falls; he had not missed a state 
     tournament in 45 years.

1988--Dr. Robert McCloskey

1990--C.J. Arthofer (Telegraph Herald 2-28-1988, p. 16/Robert Willman

     C. J. Artofer served as the president of the Duhuque Bowling Association for
     the 1949-1950 season. He began bowling in the Trinity Lanes in the 1929-30
     as a sub for the Dietz's Repairmen team. He went on to bowl on three teams
     at Trinity and served as secretary of all three. He remembered the lanes were
     finished with shellac from the foul line to the head pin so it was difficult
     to know how hard to throw the ball. His highest average was 192.

1991--John Wiest/Robert Willman

     John Wiest served on the board of the Dubuque Bowling Association. 

1993--Jerry McGrath/Telegraph Herald, May 9, 1993, p. 7


        McGrath had more than two decades of service to the DBA in nearly every
        administrative post. He was a member of the 700 Club since the mid-1960s 
        and bowled an estimated 20 series of 700 or higher. He was a league
        secretary for about twenty years. He won a John Deere Interplant doubles
        tournament in Moline in the late 1960s and teamed with his wife won a 
        local Pabst doubles tournament. McGrath and John Kane began the popular
        Budweiser Tournament in which he once finished second. He once bowled an
        807 series and achieved 2-299 games.

1994--Jim Koob/Telegraph Herald, May 10, 1994


        Koob is remembered as one of the city's top bowlers and fast pitch softball 
        players. He was a member of the DUBUQUE FAST PITCH HALL OF FAME and the 
        Kiwanis Tournament Hall of Fame. 

1995--Mel Hocking/Telegraph Herald, April 8, 1995, p. 4B


        Hocking began his service to the DBA in 1954 as a director. He served as the 
        organization's president in 1960-61 and secretary/treasurer in 1977-83. He also
        held positions in the Major League, Classic League, Dubuque Bowling Congress,
        and Hall of Fame selection committee. Several times, Hocking served as a
        delegate to the state convention and attended the ABC nation convention sixteen
        times. He received the ABC Service Award at the national convention in 1982.
        Hocking had career highs of a 267 game and a 697 series. He participated in
        28 national tournaments, over 40 DBA and Iowa state tournaments each, and
        18 Dubuque and Iowa state seniors tournaments. He won the DBA doubles titles
        in 1958 and 1965, five state senior titles, and the Class D national seniors
        singles title in 1978.

1996--Gene Skinner/Telegraph Herald, May 11, 1996, p. 9

     In 1958 Skinner organized the UAW Local 94 Bowling League at [[RIVERSIDE
     BOWL]] then served as its secretary for ten years. He served as the
     secretary of the Country Club League for eleven years, organized the John
     Deere Early Bird League at IMPERIAL LANES AND LOUNGE in 1973, served as
     secretary of the John Deere #1 League for two years, secretary of the
     Schlitzer League for six years, secretary of the Budweiser League for 
     four years, and president of a summer mixed league'
     Skinner was a charter member of the Dubuque Bowling Association Hall of
     Fame board. He was elected a director in 1964 and served as vice-
     president from 1965-1970. From 1980 to 1983 he served the organization as
     assistant secretary-treasurer and 1983-1991 as secretary-treasurer.	
     Skinner was a delegate to the ABC convention four times and a delegate to
     the Iowa State Bowling Association for twenty-nine years. He was a certified
     lane inspector and conducted training schools for local inspectors. He
     was responsible for computerizing the ABC membership and tournament programs,
     running the first computerized city tournament, and encouraging the
     association to do self-processing which saved money. In 1983 he started the
     first local Senior's Tournament. In 1983 he was the Senior Class D singles 
     champion. He won the 1986 Senior Class C singles competition and in 1987
     won the Senior Doubles competition with his wife as his partner.	
     In 2004 he was inducted into the Iowa State Bowling Association Hall of Fame.

1997--Ron Fuerst/Telegraph Herald, March 22, 1997, p. 10

      As a junior bowler at RIVERSIDE BOWL, Fuerst rolled four 700 series and 
      his 757 at age sixteen tied the city record as a junior. In 1979 he helped 
      STEPHEN HEMPSTEAD HIGH SCHOOL become the first local high school to win 
      a state team bowling title. In 1984 and 1990 he won the Greater Iowa titles, 
      a 1985 state team title, and first place in the 1990 Budweiser Big 10.
      In 1997 he had been a member of 22 league-championship teams. In 1985, Fuerst 
      won the Iowa Open tournament in Waterloo and earned a place in the United 
      States Open in Venice, Florida. With Louie Wemett, he won the city doubles 
      title in 1993 and twice won the Hank Reider Award for high scratch series in 
      the tournament. In 1995 he set the city tournament record for all-events scratch 
      series with a 2,155. He also won the scratch and handicap titles that year. In 
      1997 Fuerst held more than 250 national honor courts, nine 300 games, four 299s 
      and one 298. In 1995 his high series was 833.  He was named local bowler of the 
      year in 1996.
     Fuerst worked with the local youth sports association beginning in 1979 and 
     headed the program at Riverside beginning in 1994. He certified other coaches 
     for several years and was involved in various state and national programs for 
     juniors.  In 1997 Fuerst was a nine-year member of the Dubuque Bowling Council, 
     had served as a past president of the DBA, and was a current director for the DBA

1998--Jerry Pregler, Gary Fagan/Telegraph Herald, May 13, 1998

Jerry Pregler
Gary Fagan

     Pregler began his career in bowling fifty-one years before his induction 
     into the Hall of Fame and in 1998 had the longest active tenure of bowling
     proprietors in Iowa. As a youth he set pins at the Sacred Heart bowling 
     alley. He took over the HOLY TRINITY LANES in 1950 and began the first
     junior program, first mixed doubles league and the first Sunday league in 
     Dubuque. He helped in the development of Riverside where in 1998 he still 
     handled the books and worked 40-hour weeks during the season. A member of 
     the Iowa Bowling Proprietors Board of Directors and a director for four of 
     those years, he held a charter membership in the Dubuque 700 Club. He played 
     on the team in 1949 which won the city championship.

     Fagan ranked among the best bowlers in Dubuque during the 1960s and 1970s. 
     He won a city team title in 1985 and was the Big Ten high qualifier in 1971. 
     He won tournament titles in the John Deere Mixed Doubles, Ten Pin Mixed 
     Doubles and Shake-Up Singles. He carried a composite average of 191 from 
     1969-1986, scored 1-300, 2-299s, and 44 national honor counts.

1999--Marty Lampe, Gene Kamentz/Telegraph Herald, May 11, 1999, p. 15


     Lampe scored at least one 700 series for seventeen consecutive years beginning in
     1978-79. His 141 national honor counts include 4-800 series, 24-700 series. His high
     series(846) in 1994 set a best count in state tournament history. He won 12 local
     tournament titles, four regional titles, 20 league championships, and 16 league high

     Kamentz was well-known as the manager and a partner in Imperial Lanes from 1973 until
     1992. He served several years on the Dubuque Bowling Congress and the State Bowling
     Proprietors Association and was instrumental in developing junior bowling. He competed 
     in many local, state, regional and national tournaments.

2000--Steve Oneyear

     By 2016, Oneyear had competed the twelve national bowling tournaments and 31 Iowa State
     Bowling tournaments where he had 8 top 5 finishes. He was a regular bowler in the 
     Greater Iowa tournaments winning on four different occasions and won four Southwest       
     Wisconsin match game championships. He placed second in the 1980 Buck Rogers
     Tournament. He was a member of the Professional Bowling Association for four years with
     his best finish an 18th place at the Great Lakes tournament. Oneyear was back-to-back
     champion in Dubuque's Big Ten Scratch tournament in 1992 and 1993. His record shows five
     300 games, two 299 games, and one 298 game.
     Oneyear served on the board of the Dubuque Bowling Association, Dubuque 700 Club, and
     the Dubuque Junior Bowling Association board. 

2001--Jack Hancock, Bob Connolly, Jim Gatena


       Hancock joined the DBA and the DUBUQUE FAST PITCH HALL OF FAME 
       the same year. His membership in the DBA Hall of Fame was helped with a 
       consistent average around 200, 1-300 game in 1995, 2-290s and a dozen 700 
       count series. In the U. S. Army in 1964, he won the singles championship 
       at the Europe All-Army tournament. In 2001 he was only the second bowler 
       to have competed in thirty consecutive national tournaments.
       As the owner and operator of Happy's Place, he sponsored teams--in one season 
       he had 30. He also hosted special bowling functions.

       Connolly was a 44-year member of the ABC. In 1989 and 1990 he average 217 
       and 210. He bowled 300 games in 1976 and 1988 and achieved 20 national honor 
       counts, the first coming in 1969.  His high series was a 787 achieved in 1988.

       In 1968 Gatena became the first bowler in the 4-year history of the city 
       tournament to defend a championship in any division. He won back-to-back 
       all-events scratch titles. He achieved 10 city titles between 1961 and 1975, 
       won the Big 10 championship three times and scored 25 league crowns between 
       1960 and 1993. He finished 13th at the Bowler's Journal doubles tournament 
       in 1968 at Cincinnati. He rolled 43 national honor counts including nine 
       during the 1983-84 season. His high game, a 289, came in 1963.

2002--John Wright/Robert Willman

       John Wright served as the president of the Dubuque Bowling Association for
       the 1996-1997 season and operated the youth program at Creslanes for many

2003--Bob Hochrein

Bob Hochrein
     Hochrein's bowling accomplishments include scoring 12st Place 
     in ABC Tournament (1990), 2nd Place All Events in ABC Tournament 
     (1990), 1st Place Singles Events Iowa State Tournament (2001 2003), 
     2nd Place in Iowa Open (1991, 1992, 1993), 1987 Iowa High Qualified, 
     1999-700 Club Jamboree Team Champion, 1996-700 Club Doubles Champion,
     1995-700 Club Jamboree Team Champion, 1989-700 Club Doubles Champion, 
     1987-Rockford, IL Match Game Champion, and 1985-700 Club Doubles 
     His service to the organization included league secretary (five years), 
     Dubuque Junior Bowling board (10 years), board of directors for the Great 
     Iowa Bowling Association, secretary of the Dubuque 700 Club (12 years), and 
     board of directors of the Dubuque Bowling Association (11 years)

2004--Harold Koppes, Jim Rauscher/Telegraph Herald, May 11, 2004, p. 1

Jim Rauscher
Harold Koppes

     In 2004 Rauscher had been a member of the DWA for forty-six years. In addition
     to serving on the board of directors, he coached youth bowling for fifteen years
     and in 2004 was on his third term as the youth association president.
     As a competitor, he rolled 41 national honor counts, carried a 200 plus average 
     for nineteen of the last twenty seasons and scored a 783 series and a 216 average.

     Koppes won the singles title in 1963-1964 with a 709 scratch, set the tournament
     record for high handicap series (769) that lasted fifteen years and won the first
     ever Hank Rieder Award.  
     He helped form the Dubuque Bowling Council in 1976 and served on the local and state
     levels of junior bowling.

2005--Jim Wolf, Floyd M. TOMTER/Telegraph Herald, May 10, 2005, p. 1


     After service in the Navy, Wolf bowled as many as four night weekly for over forty 
     years. He participated in over 30 city tournaments, 18 state tournaments and 16
     ABC national tournaments. He bowled 31 national honors, won several individual and
     team championships at the local and levels.

2006--Dick Koob, Steve Kamentz/Telegraph Herald, May 9, 2006, p. 18

     The induction of Steve Kamentz, son on Gene Kamantz, into the Hall of Fame marked 
     the first time a father-son had been honored. All four of Steve's 300 games were
     bowled with a family member present. He bowled more than 150 national honor counts
     and a pair of 800 series. He won nine league championships, two Dickeyville Team 
     Tournament titles and a first-place trophy from the Iowa Officers Jamboree in 1969.
     Over more than 35 years, he held various league offices, directed the Budweiser Big
     10 for six years and played an important role in the learn-to-bowl programs at
     Imperial Lanes and Creslanes. He rose through the DBA board from director to president.

2007--Paul Rupp/Telegraph Herald, May 8, 2007, p. 9

     Two of Rupp's brightest moments in bowling came during the Budweiser Big 10. In 1984
     he rolled a high qualifying score and national honor count of 1,436. He repeated as
     high qualifier in 1985. He won the consolation bracket of the Big 10 in 1987. In his
     career he accumulated more than 30 national honor counts including a career-high 748.
     He was part of team championships in the 1971 city tournament and three in John Deere
     Interplant tournaments. He also won the 700 Club Classic.
     In service to the association, Rupp was a past president and the 700 Club. He also
     served as the president of the Dubuque Bowling Council, Edwards and Mississippi leagues.

2008--Ron Dohrer/Telegraph Herald, May 12, 2008, p. 9


     Dohrer scored his first 300 game in April, 1997 and added 17 more along with nine 
     800 series. He won the Budweiser Big 10 in 1999 and finished third in 20006 and 2007.
     He accumulated four city championships and a 2002 induction into the Dickeyville
     Bowling Hall of Fame. 
     Dohrer served on the board of the DWA and held various positions in the weekly 

2009--Bob Willman/Telegraph Herald, May 12, 2009, p. 9

      In 1991 Willman replaced the retiring Gene Skinner as secretary and served in the
      position through 2009. He began league bowling in 1971 and volunteered to be the
      secretary in the leagues he joined. When his daughters joined the local youth bowling
      program, he volunteered to be the coach.
      On the lanes, he won the 1990 Iowa State 700 Club Jamboree in singles, captured
      several league titles and bowled on the 2005 team that finished second in the city
      tournament.  His high series was 769 and a high game of 279.

2010--Larry Portzen, Kurt Schmidt/Telegraph Herald, May 11, 2010, p. 9


      Portzen credited Margo Atchison, Hall of Fame recipient in the DWBA, for teaching
      him how to bowl at the age of nine. At the age of 17, he became the youngest
      bowler to win the Budweiser Big 10 Tournament. In his career he placed second,
      third, fourth and four other top-10 finishes at the state tournament, five city
      championships and several other titles in the region. He joined the 700 Club in
      1976 and reached the mark more than 100 times including one-300 game and a 797
      series. He served on the Hall of Fame board and coached the junior league.

      Schmidt began bowling at the age of five. His 700 series at the age of 14 and
      his 300 at the age of 16 made him the youngest bowler in Dubuque to achieve those
      records. He bowled 24-300 games, 10 series of 800 or better and more than 300 
      series of 700 or better. In 1989-90 his 853 series won the Fred Lipovetz Memorial
      Award for the high series among 700 Club members nationwide. At the time, it was
      the second-highest count in Dubuque. Among his other achievement were six city
      championships and third in the Greater Iowa Tournament.

2011--Jeff Kamentz, Tom Kramer/Telegraph Herald, May 10, 2011, p. 11


      Kamentz bowled his first 700 at age 16 and scored fifty more before graduating 
      from high school. In 2011 he had more than 400 series of 700 or more including 
      an 819 and another 800. He scored seven perfect (300) games and missed ten others 
      in the 10th frame. He competed briefly on the PBA Regional circuit finishing fifth 
      in Madison, Wisconsin. 

      Kramer's wins include singles and all-events at the Iowa state tournament, 2004 
      Budweiser Big 10 championship, and making the Big 10 finals two other times. He 
      achieved eight perfect games and four series of 800 or better. Like Kamentz, he
      held several administrative positions in the DBA.
      In 2009 and 2010, Kramer coached the WAHLERT CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL boys' and 
      girls' teams to state high school championships.

2012--Jim Leach, Glenn Canfield/Robert Willman

     Jim Leach served on the board of the Dubuque Bowling Association from 2009-2018.
     Glenn Canfield served as president of the Association from 1998-1999.

2013--Brian White/Telegraph Herald, May 14, 2013, p. 9

Brian White

     By 2013, White had scored 20 series of 800 or more, 600 series of 700 
     or better, 30-300 games and 15 games of 299. He owned 17 league 
     championships as well as Iowa state championships in singles (2000), 
     team (203), and all-events (2007). He won for the Budweiser  Big 10 
     and the Kahuna tournaments in 2007. In service to the sport and association, 
     he served as first vice-president for seven years and president of the Bud Light 
     Fleetwood and Timberline Classic leagues.	

2015--Heiberger/Telegraph Herald, May 11, 2015, p. 7

Al Heiberger

     The owner of the Cobra Lanes in Farlet and the head coach of the Western Dubuque
     boys' bowling team, rolled a pair of 800 series--an 831 in 2001 and an 835 in 2010--
     and the first of nearly twenty perfect games in December 1997. He achieved his first
     700 series in 1988 and added nearly 500 since then. His average is 230.

2018--Ken Steuer, N. Breitsprecker, Dan Moore,/Telegraph Herald, May 7, 2018


     Steuer was one of the bowlers who helped set up a board to find bowlers who deserved
     being in the hall of fame. Known as "Giant," Steuer began his bowling career in the
     late 1960s. He went on to shoot approximately 100-700 series, three perfect games, 1-299
     game. He served as president of the Dubuque Bowling Association, vice-president of the
     Dubuque Junior Bowling Board and was a long-tie member of the 700 Club.


     Beginning at the age of nine, Breitsprecker rolled approximately 75-700 series and his
     first 300 in Cedar Rapids on his way to winning one of his two Greater Iowa championships.
     He achieved 20 perfect games, 11-299 games, 5-298 games, 23-800 series or better and
     more than 450-700 series or better including those as a junior. He won four city
     championships and several top-five and top-10 finishes at the state tournament. As a junior,
     he served on the junior board from 1998-2001 and won the Harry Tuma Award, the highest honor
     for a junior bowler in Iowa, in 2001. He served eight years on the board of the Dubuque
     Bowling Association and was president from 2014-2015. He served as a coach and an officer
     at the adult level.


     In 2018, Moore competed in six leagues and had sponsored more than 30 teams leading him to
     being naed sponsor of the year in 2014-2015. He rolled more than 50 perfect games and an
     additional 30 games of 290 or better. On twenty occasions, he averaged better than 230 and
     recorded a high average of 242 during the 2014-2015 season. He achieved more than 300-700 
     series or better and at least 30-800 series or better. In tournaments, Moore had one top-
     five performance in the Iowa state meet, a 700 Club singles title in 2014 and two top-three
     finishes in the Budweiser Big Ten. He also won titles in the Sweeper Tournament and the
     Monticello Tournament. He recorded high games twice and a doubles crown in the city
     tournament. Moore served as a league office on several occasions.

2019-Hall, Canfield Set to Enter Dubuque Bowling Hall of Fame /Telegraph Herald / May 14, 2019


2021-Vogt, Buelow to Join Dubuque Area Bowling Hall of Fame, Telegraph Herald, May 10, 2021


2023--Randy Weber / Telegraph Herald / January 2023

     A native of Dubuque, Weber's uncle operated the KING OF CLUBS bar in Dubuque which was a major bowling promoter. 
     Randy began at an early age setting pins for league bowlers and started his career with the DUBUQUE PACKING COMPANY. 
     When "The Pack" laid off some employees, Randy was already helping with the junior bowling league at Horizon Lanes in 
     Bellevue. When the owner decided to sell, Randy and his wife, Jeanne, purchased the alley and operated it for 38 years 
     adding a pizza restaurant and a reception hall. At one point, the Webers had seventeen leagues bowling at their alley. 
     Becoming a bowler seemed natural and he posted a career series high of 868 for three games, won the Iowa State Bowling 
     Team Championship in 2004, and was inducted into the Dubuque Bowling Association Hall of Fame.