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WELU, Clarence P.

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WELU, Clarence P. (Dubuque, IA, Sept. 16, 1903--Dubuque, IA, Apr. 26, 1978). MAYOR. Welu served on the Dubuque City Council from 1948 to 1960 and held the position of mayor for two terms. (1)

During his term of office in 1950, Welu and the council had to decide whether the FIRE DEPARTMENT should enter into contracts to provide fire protection outside the city. (1) The same year, the council decided not to rename the AIRPORT. Consideration had been given to naming it in honor of former councilman Richard L. Wynes. The opinion on the city's attorney was that the federal government would not honor such a request. (2) Protests against excessive use of automobile horns, going through red lights, and racing engines at stop lights were handled with increased police attention. (3) In an effort to obtain money to pay a $15 per month increase to city employees, Welu and others on the council approved to borrow money. (4) In May, the council put into motion the activities that would lead to a municipal stadium. (5)

In 1951, as mayor of Dubuque, Welu accepted, on behalf of the City, the deed to BUNKER HILL GOLF COURSE from the WAHLERT FOUNDATION and a committee of the Chamber of Commerce. GROUND OBSERVER CORPS were in operation in Dubuque. The removal of passenger service to the tri-state area began on November 17, 1951 when the Milwaukee Road ceased service. The Chicago Great Western Railway ended passenger service between Oelwein and Dubuque on September 28, 1958. On May 2, 1971 the Burlington Northern made the last passenger trip from East Dubuque, Illinois.

A retired service station operator, Welu was a member of the Dubuque Businessmen's Association, a former Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus, the board of directors of MOUNT OLIVET CEMETERY Association, and served as president of the Dubuque Serra Club. (6)

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