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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

WIEDERHOLT, Gerry. On January 8, 1975 Gerry Wiederholt became the first bowler in Dubuque history to roll an 800 series. His 801 series topped the all-time city record of 791 established by Paul Miller in 1955. (1)

In 1985 Wiederholt became the 21st man to be inducted into the Dubuque Bowling Association Hall of Fame. Making the induction more incredible was the fact that an accident at the JOHN DEERE DUBUQUE WORKS nearly ended his career. The blade of a crawler cut nearly through a leg when he was pinned between the machine and a truck. Hospitalized for six weeks and then in a cast, he discovered when the cast was removed he could not bend his leg. Wiederholt was in physical therapy for fifteen or sixteen months before he could return to bowling. During the 1970s he had two back operations to repair ruptured discs. (2)

Beginning as a pin-setter at HOLY TRINITY LANES, Wiederholt's bowling began as a member of the Dubuque Bowling Association in 1956. During the 1957-58 season he maintained an average of 180 in nine leagues. He compiled 41 series of 700 or more. In 1975 in addition to becoming the first to bowl an 800 series in Dubuque he established his highest game ever of 298 and a composite average of 200 in five leagues. He joined the Professional Bowlers' Association in 1978 and bowled in one or two tournaments annually from then to 1985. In his first PBA he rolled 298. (3)



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