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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

RIEDER, Henry. (Montrose, WI--Dubuque, IA, Aug. 20, 1963) Known as "Iowa's Iron Man of Bowling," Rieder won nation-wide recognition for marathon bowling. He bowled 51 sets of non-stop bowling of 100 games at a time and averaged 201 for 5001 games on neutral lanes against all comers. In Marshalltown, Iowa on March 30, 1935 he set a record average of 21 for 100 non-stop games and never left the lanes for any reason during any match. (1)

Rieder defeated Bert Erl, a champion endurance bowler from Albert Lea, Minnesota several times. An article from the 1950s offered the following statistics about the match: the 16-pound ball rolled down the alley about 1,700 times, the accumulated weight of lifting the ball by the bowlers would be about 13 tons, each bowler walked five miles in making his delivery and the ball rolled a distance of more than twenty miles. (2)

Rieder bowled in twenty Iowa State Tournaments and in all the scratch leagues in Dubuque until a year before his death. He bowled 55 consecutive years and rolled three 299 games and was inducted into the USBA Hall of Fame in 1961, Iowa Bowling Hall of Fame in March, 1964 and the 700 Bowling Chapter of America. (3)




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