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JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT BUSINESS HALL OF FAME. Established in 1982, the award was presented to outstanding past and present contributors to Dubuque business. In addition to the recognition of local business leadership, a national business figure is honored along with the presentation of a $1,000 scholarship, sponsored by WOODWARD COMMUNICATIONS, INC., to a student enrolled in a business-related field in one of the local colleges. The idea of the award was developed by the board of directors of JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT OF THE HEARTLAND

1982--Henry L. STOUT, John Taylor ADAMS

1984--Herbert T. BERTSCH, Peter KLAUER William J. KLAUER

1986--H. W. (Harry) WAHLERT, Robert KEHL, Ruth Kehl, James HOUTZ, Augustin A. COOPER, Cyril P. FROMMELT, Sylvan Frommelt, Edward A. MCDERMOTT

1988--Peter J. KLOSTON, James LANGWORTHY, Edward LANGWORTHY, Solon LANGWORTHY, Lester WENDT, Fred W. WOODWARD, Edward J. Connors

1990--Robert C. WAHLERT, William C. BROWN, Lynn B. FULLER, Evangeline JANSEN, William G. KRUSE, J. Bruce MERIWETHER, Francis J. O'CONNOR, Marvin WHITLOW, Walter F. PETERSON, Jr.,

1992--Christian LOETSCHER and family, Charles Joseph SCHRUP and family, and Titus SCHMID and family

1995--Frank BERTSCH, Julius K. GRAVES, Frederick ERTL, Kathryn and Leo Theisen-see Leo N. THEISEN

2004- John E. Butler see-John E. and Alice BUTLER, Arnold N. HONKAMP

2006--Edward Babka-see: Edward and Shirley BABKA, Michael BUDDE, A. J. Spiegel

2008--Brian Kane, Catherine DUNN, Richard WERTZBERGER

2010--Mark FALB, Michael McCoy see-MCCOY GROUP, Robert Delos MCDONALD

2012--Richard HARTIG, Theisen, Leo A. "Jim",WOODWARD, Frederick Robert "Bob," Jr., William WOODWARD

2014--J. Michael FALEY, Timothy J. KUNKEL

2016--John Gronen and Mary Mulgrew Gronen see-GRONEN PROPERTIES/GRONEN RESTORATION, Robert Hoefer see-Robert and Marilyn HOEFER

2018--John "Duncan" GLAB, Jack McCullough see-MCCULLOUGH GRAPHICS, Gary and Jeanne Heiar see-MORACCO SUPPER CLUB

2020--Postponed due to PANDEMIC

2021--Lawrence (Larry) FRIEDMAN, Tim Hodge HODGE COMPANIES, Michael Portzen PORTZEN CONSTRUCTION INC.

2022--James GIESE, David W. SPAHN, Jeff Theis



Telegraph Herald announcements from each year and Junior Achievement of the Heartland Online: http://jaheartland.org/what-you-can-do/special-events/hall-of-fame/tri-state/