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SCHMID, Titus. (Donsdorf, Wuerttemberg, Germany, Jan. 2, 1819--Dubuque, IA, Oct. 12, 1867). Schmid traveled to the United States in 1853 and settled in Cincinnati and then Harrison, Ohio. He brought his family over from Germany and then moved to Dubuque. (1)

With Franz SCHERR and a Mr. Beck, Titus established the Schmid & Scheer in 1855. After Scheer sold his interest, the brewery became SCHMID BREWERY. (2) Located behind what became the municipal bus garage at 24th Street and Central Avenue, the brewery was built of stone and rose four stories. A dry kiln and malt house reached three stories. The family lived below the brewery which also offered lager and Swiss cheese for sale. (1) After Schmid's death, the brewery was operated by his sons Alphons, Titus and Albert.

In 1865 Titus was a director of the GERMAN SAVINGS BANK. (3)

See: Titus B. SCHMID, Sr.



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