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PREMIER BANK. Officials of the newly formed Premier Financial Corporation announced on April 10, 1998 that they planned to open "the first locally owned and operated bank since the mid-1930s." (1) Premier Bank opened its first office on October 26, 1998 at 1975 John F. Kennedy Road following a planned $800,000 renovation of the former Riley Auto Sales Company. (2) Founders of the bank included Jeffrey Mozena, Martin MCNAMER, David Horstmann, Darryl K. Mozena, Phillip A. RUPPEL, Scott J. TAYLOR and sixty investors who established five million dollars in start-up funds. (3) The bank originally employed fifteen people.

The second full-service branch of the bank was opened in 2001 at 9th and Iowa. (4)

Premier quickly established itself in the community. Among other projects, in 2000 it led a consortium of groups which sponsored a free seminar entitled "Restore, Retool and Reuse: The Economic Revitalization of Dubuque's Historic Buildings." (5) In 2005 the bank purchased two large oil murals painted by local artists Chriss and Donald GLASELL. The murals had been featured in an article in the Telegraph Herald. Long in storage, the paintings were to be refurbished by GERMAIN FINE ARTS and then displayed in the entryway of the bank's new office and operations center being constructed along the NORTHWEST ARTERIAL. (6) The same year, the bank announced that it would provide $200,000, interest-free, to the city's Historic Preservation Loan Fund which had been credited with helping homeowners restore their historic homes. (7) Dubuque Main Street, Premier Bank, The Fischer Companies and a local committee organized a winter farmers' market in 2007. (8) In 2008 the bank announced five year loans of up to $10,000 for projects to bring businesses in Dubuque into compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. (9)

On August 11, 2019, Paul HEMMER was joined by family, friends, civic leaders and music enthusiasts at the DUBUQUE SHOOTING SOCIETY for an autograph party. After years of musical experience in Dubuqueland, Hemmer wrote Entertaining Dubuque: The Untold Story 1900-1999, the definitive study of actors, dancers, musicians, ballrooms, theaters and nightclubs, featuring previously unpublished information and hundreds of pictures. The book was sponsored by Premier Bank.

In 2020 amid the onslaught of the PANDEMIC, Premier became on the first major donor to PROJECT ROOTED. (10)



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