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PROJECT ROOTED. Project Rooted was started in early 2000 by Whitney Sanger, president of Project Rooted and Kevin Scharpf, owner and chef of "Brazen" a local restaurant. The nonprofit was established to educate young people about sustainable, healthy, and local food sources. With the onslaught on the PANDEMIC, their program took on increased significance. As schools closed, healthy foods once provided by their schools became more difficult to acquire despite the District's "Grab-and-Go" lunches.

Together the co-founders joined with CONVIVIUM URBAN FARMSTEAD and many volunteers to distribute free healthy lunches to those 18 and younger. In cooperation with the Western Dubuque Community School District meal sites were also opened in Peosta, Epworth and Farley to offer supplemental foods to those provided by the district.

One of the first major donors in Dubuque was PREMIER BANK.

Once the immediate crisis has past, hopes were that the focus of the group could return to their missions of sustainability and sustainability. A seed program by which students will be able to grow and eat their own produce will coincide with teaching the proper manner of disposing of food. (1)

In August, 2021 officials with the Dubuque-based non-profit announced that an event called "The Rooted Table" would held on September 5th at the Bee Branch Creek Gateway. The program would include a six-course menu designed and prepared by local chefs using fresh, seasonal and locally grown ingredients. An education experience would be also be provided for children from 5-18 years of age. Tickets were available on a first-come, first-served basis beginning on August 4th. (2)



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