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TAYLOR, Scott J.

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Taylor, Scott J. (Greenville, SC, Sept. 27, 1956-- ). Taylor's family moved to Dubuque before he entered school. He graduated from DUBUQUE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL before attending Iowa State University where he earned a degree in civil engineering.

In 1983 Taylor and John Biver co-founded ENGINEERING DATA SYSTEMS CORP. which revolutionized civil engineering.

In 1993 Taylor, a vice-president of EDSC, headed a division of the company which helped manufacturing companies automate. To accomplish this, a client wishing to automate was presented with all available options. EDSC then used the client's responses to tailor-make a system. (1)

In 1994, Taylor established CARTEGRAPH SYSTEMS, INC., a company which quickly positioned itself as a leader in the field of computerizing inventory and the management of assets.



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