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MCNAMER, Martin. (Dubuque, IA-- ). A graduate of DUBUQUE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and Winona State University in Minnesota, McNamer worked construction during high school and became interested in renovation. He followed his interest in establishing McNamer Construction Systems, a firm specializing in interior contract work for commercial and new residential buildings.

McNamer played a significant role in the renovation of many historic buildings in Dubuque. As one of the members of the Dubuque Historic Improvement Company, he helped restore REDSTONE (THE) and the STOUT HOUSE. With the use of federal, state and city grants, he converted an old Catholic school and convent into the Cathedral Gardens Apartments which is listed on the NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES. He was also instrumental in designing improvements to the interior of FIRST CONGREGATIONAL UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST.

McNamer has served on the board of trustees of First Congregational United Church of Christ and CLARKE COLLEGE and the boards of HILLCREST FAMILY SERVICES and the DUBUQUE BOYS' CLUB.



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