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DARLIN, Elisha

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DARLIN, Elisha. (Detroit, MI, Mar. 10, 1924--Dubuque, IA, May 21, 1993). Darlin taught English at DUBUQUE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL from 1968 through 1987 and served as chair of the English Department for many years. (1)

She was instrumental in the founding of the DUBUQUE MUSEUM OF ART in the OLD JAIL. Her record of civic activism included holding office in the DUBUQUE ART ASSOCIATION, Dubuque County Fine Arts Society, DUBUQUE COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY, Dubuquefest, League of Women Voters, Dubuque Symphony Auxiliary, Dubuque Friends of the Library, Dubuque County Equal Employment Opportunity, Iowa State Library Board, Delta Kappa Gamma, National Council of Teachers of English, Iowa Council of Teachers of English, National Education Association, and the DUBUQUE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION. For several years, she served as a union contract negotiator for Dubuque teachers. (2)

She was also responsible for the Dubuque Fine Parts Players' one-act playwriting contest. (3) An Elisha Darlin Award was established in her memory.



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