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WOOD, Alonzo P.

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WOOD, Alonzo P. (Little Compton, RI, 1817--Dubuque, IA, Mar. 10, 1892). Wood began working in a newsroom at the age of twelve in Fall River, Massachusetts. He moved west and in 1841 accepted the editorship position of the Iowa Standard in Iowa City, Iowa. In 1846 Wood came to Dubuque and founded and managed the Dubuque Tribune, considered the leading Whig newspaper in northern Iowa. Failing health led to his retirement from this paper, but he returned to business in 1857 as the editor and publisher of the DUBUQUE REPUBLICAN. The Republican was devoted to advocating principles of an Iowa constitution. When the constitution was adopted in 1857, the paper was sold to the DUBUQUE WEEKLY TRIBUNE.

With the discontinuation of the Republican, Wood turned to writing a history of Iowa in the CIVIL WAR. His manuscript, considered an exhaustive study, was submitted to the Culver, Hoyne and Company in Chicago that agreed to its publication. The book was half printed when the company, facing financial failure, stated that it could not proceed with the project unless Wood advanced more money. Unable to do this, Wood began writing a biography of Abraham Lincoln. He also wrote a history of Ransom Post GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC (G. A. R.) of St. Louis. Wood died before this work was completed.



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