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ENGINEERING DATA SYSTEMS CORP. Engineering Data Systems Corp. was founded in 1983 by John Biver and Scott J. TAYLOR. The co-owners developed software that made their engineering consulting jobs easier and put the software on the market in 1989. Among the first to use the EDS software were the departments of transportation of Massachusetts, Utah and Alberta, Canada. Rodney BLUM, a finance and marketing major and president of the renamed EAGLE POINT SOFTWARE in 1991, began an aggressive national and international marketing program that led to the software by 1991 being used by more than 2,000 municipal, county and state departments of transportation worldwide. (1)

The Roadcalc software allowed civil engineers to display colored land surface contours of any area on their personal computer and make printouts. As data changes, information was added and a new printout was made. Previously engineers had to redraw the entire plan. A different program assisted companies in designing manufacturing sites like launching pads at the Kennedy Space Center or plants including America's then largest Toyota Plant in Phoenix, Arizona. (2)

In June 1992, the company announced that it would add a construction division to provide software for the construction industry. The company had increased the number of employees fro three in 1989 to 77 with a commitment to add 60 full-time jobs by July 1994. (3)

EDSC announced in 1993 its marketing of tailor-made automation plans for manufacturing companies. Beginning on a regional basis, the company had sales offices in Milwaukee, Wisconsin' Rockford, Illinois; and Des Moines, Iowa. The company now at 175 employees and was completing an 18000 square-foot addition to its building in the Dubuque Corporate Center. (4)

In 1994 EDS ranked 79th in the Softletter 100 in a ranking of the top 100 U. S. personal computer software companies based on 1992 revenues. The company showed a 78% growth rate compared to the 22% average for those on the list. (5)

Renamed Eagle Point Corp. of which EDS was a division, the company by May 1995 had acquired two other software companies in Colorado and California and employed 210 people. In May the company announced its proposal to sell 2 million shares of stock. Proceeds would be used to expand the company's office and for other corporate purposes. (6)

The 1987 through 1989 Dubuque City Directory listed 3343 Center Grove Dr.

The 1993 Dubuque City Directory listed 4131 Westmark Drive.



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