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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

Cartegraph Systems, Inc. Founded in 1993 by Scott J. TAYLOR, the Dubuque-based company used technology once limited to the U. S. Department of Defense or large governmental agencies. Utilizing the Global Positioning System (GPS)to determine the latitude and longitude of an object, purchasers of Cartegraph programs were able to accurately computerize their inventory and locate any desired object on a map. Additional information on signs, for example, would include their age, reflective life, direction, and condition along with a picture. (1) From a small provider of stand-alone asset management software for the public sector, Cartegraph became internationally known as a designer and builder of operation management systems technologies.

Between 1994 and 1997, the company annually exceeded $2 million in sales. Customers by 1997 included cities, counties, federal and state agencies, engineers, surveyors, transportation organizations and utilities in fifty states and ten foreign countries. (2)

Taylor established the company with three other former employees of EAGLEPOINT SOFTWARE. The company name was derived from the Greek work "carte" meaning map and "graph" meaning to describe or write. The company by 1997 had grown to twenty-eight employees and envisioned adding forty-six full-time and four part-time jobs in two years with an average starting wage of $12.72 per hour. (3)

In 1997 the company was located at 1600 Embassy West Drive. In 2000 the company moved to the DUBUQUE TECHNOLOGY PARK on U.S. 61 at Lake Eleanor Road.

In 2014 the company had opened a new facility in Monument, Colorado and had increased its number of projects in the Northeast including New York City where software was helping manage water and landmark assets in Central Park. In Dubuque, company products helped the city monitor and maintain local flood-management assets. (4)

Cartegraph announced in October 2013 the acquisition of GovPartner, a company specializing in community development software for the public sector. (5)

In 2017 Cartegraph officials announced a growth investment in the company from Pamlico Capital of North Carolina. The investment could lead to additional hiring in Dubuque where the company had an estimated one hundred employees. (6)



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