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RUBY SUTTON AWARD. Originally called the NAACP First Humanitarian Award, the honor was given for positive civic engagement, equality for all, and the fight for racial justice and poverty. It was renamed the “Ruby Sutton Award” in honor of the first person to receive the award.

Other recipients of the honor have included:

989- Ruby SUTTON

1990- Gail WEITZ

1991- Jack Hanson

1992- Ernestine MOSS

1993- Sister Mary Lee Cox

1994- Suzann O'Connor

1995- Evelyn JACKSON

1996- Thomas DETERMAN

1997- Ruth Clark

1998- Jan Gleichner/ Gretel Winterwood

1999- Hazel O'NEAL

2000- Kathy Williams

2001- Raydora Drummer/Melvin Moss

2002- Ruth Ellen Cotter SCHARNAU

2003- Kate Zanger

2004- Cammie DEAN

2005- Kelly Larson

2006- Dr. Kris Hall

2007- S. Inez Turnmeyer

2008- Amy Ressler

2009- Janice CRADDIETH

2010- Dr. Dan Johnson

2011- Sister Corrine Murray

2012- Anthony Allen

2013- Dr. John Whalen

2014- Claudette BEES



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