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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

Jackson, Evelyn. (Atonka, TN-- ). Jackson began her life fighting for civil rights as a high school student in Detroit. After retiring in 1986 as an elementary principal from Detroit, Michigan, Jackson and her husband Thomas came to Dubuque in 1993. She succeeded Ernestine MOSS as president of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF COLORED PEOPLE (N.A.A.C.P.) organization in 1995. (1) He worked as a designed with ENTEGEE ENGINEERING and mentored young black men. (2) She was an annual judge of the Dubuque N.A.A.C.P.-sponsored essay contest for school children prior to Martin Luther King Day. (3)

In 1996 under her leadership the NAACP sponsored a criminal justice seminar at FIRST CONGREGATIONAL UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST. In addressing the legislative committee of the Community Based Task Force on Gangs, Drugs, and Youth Violence the same year, she supported more alternative activities to "hanging out with friends." (4) In 1998 she questioned the overwhelmingly positive responses given to a survey of feelings about racial and ethnic minorities by area youth. Given by an associate professor of education at CLARKE COLLEGE. Jackson felt people did not want to admit they were prejudiced and tried to make the opposite impression. Supporting her conclusion were results that most students would not marry a minority and 50% admitted using words minorities would consider offensive. (6) She served on the Dubuque Human Rights Commission in 2002. (6)

Jackson received the Ruby Sutton Award in 1995. (7) In 2000 she was one of twenty-six Dubuque women honored by students of the CENTRAL ALTERNATIVE HIGH SCHOOL for their leadership and contributions to the community. (8) In 2005 the Jacksons moved to Brazil. (9)



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