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CRADDIETH, Janice. The 2009 recipient of the RUBY SUTTON AWARD was one of the first organizers and board members of the WASHINGTON NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION.

Beginning with advocacy for ORANGE PARK, Craddieth helped organize events, planned cleanup activities and spoke with police to improve neighborhood safety. Using fliers and "phone trees", she spread the word about food distributions for low-income residents and even drove some residents to the distribution sites. (1)

In 2004 while participating in "Consolidated Planning for Community Needs" with city officials, business and non-profit leaders, she identified housing vouchers offered by the Housing and Urban Development Department as potentially detrimental to communities because those using them could leave the residence, city and state after twelve months. "You can't build a community if you can only get housing for one year," she remarked. (2)

In 2005 she helped establish the MULTICULTURAL FAMILY CENTER. She served as a foster grandparent at PRESCOTT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL for ten years. In 2001 she was a member of two municipal boards--Community development Advisory and Housing. At Christmas time, she is involved with a seniors' Christmas called 'Neighbors to Neighbors' to help the elderly feel a continued part of the community. (3)

In 2009 when she received the Ruby Sutton Award it was noted that Craddieth had been a member of the citizen advisory board of the Multicultural Family Center and that in September 2009 she was appointed by the City Council to the Safe Community Task Force. (4) In October of that year, she was appointed to the city's Crime Prevention Task Force. (5)



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