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Photo courtesy: Bob Reding

POSTMASTERS. Those who have served the mail service in Dubuque as postmasters have included:

Milo H. Prentice 1833-1835

Guy H. Morrison 1835-1837

Hon. John KING 1837-1849

William H. Robbins 1849-1853

Charles Corkery 1853-1857

H. H. Heath 1857-1861

Virgil J. WILLIAMS 1861-1873

George L. TORBERT 1873-1885

Moses M. HAM 1885-1889

George C. Crane 1889-1893

Moses M. Ham 1893-1897

Joseph S. Morgan 1897-1909

Hennan Ternes 1909-1913

Louis H. BREDE 1913--1917

Maurice CONNOLLY 1917 (three months)

John W. MCEVOY 1917-1920

Charles H. Wunderlich (acting postmaster) 1920--1921

Hennan Ternes 1921-1933

Anthony F. SCHRUP 1934-1960

Gus FUHRMAN 1960 (nine months)

Aphonse M. LINK 1960--1962

Charles J. MURPHY 1962-1990

Donald E. BROWN 1990-2013

Becky BURBACH 2013-