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BREDE, Louis H.

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Ancestry: https://www.ancestry.com/discoveryui-content/view/81671679:60525?tid=&pid=&queryId=7d0ef1ac2d8fe2e5d392663ffc682537&_phsrc=HEg520&_phstart=successSource


BREDE, Louis H. (Dubuque, IA, Dec. 23, 1867--Dubuque, IA, Nov. 25, 1954). Brede received his education at St. Mary's parochial school in Dubuque and later attended Sacred Heart College at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. Upon graduating, he earned the machinists' trade and then served four years as a deputy in the office of the county treasurer. (1) Brede served as the secretary and treasurer of the DUBUQUE WOODENWARE when it was organized March 1890. When the charter of the company expired on January 1, 1910, the new one was registered in the name of the DUBUQUE LUMBER COMPANY with Brede as the president and treasurer. The company was involved in wholesale and retail lumber sales in addition to handling cement and coal. (2)

The organizers of the EAGLE POINT BRIDGE project included Joseph A. RHOMBERG, George FENGLER and others. The construction was completed by the company with Brede as president. (3) Closely identified with the Democratic Party, he served six years as chairman of the Democratic Central City Committee and was a director of the GERMAN TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK. (4)

In 1913 Brede, appointed by President Woodrow Wilson, became the Dubuque postmaster. (5) In 1928 he was president of the Dock Commission, president of the UNION TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK, and former member of the city council. (6) He was a member of Dubuque's original city manager form of government council. (7)



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