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BURBACH, Becky. (Hazel Green, WI-- ). Becky Burbach became Dubuque, Iowa’s 19th postmaster – and first woman to hold the post – at an installation ceremony scheduled for Thursday, June 27, 2013 at 10 a.m. at WASHINGTON PARK.

Ms. Burbach was a 22-year U.S. Postal Service veteran, who began her career as a clerk at the Darlington, WI Post Office in 1991. She was named postmaster at Dickeyville, WI in 1993, and also served as postmaster in the Wisconsin communities of the Darlington, Richland Center and Sun Prairie. She served as Dubuque’s Officer-in-Charge since October.

Ms. Burbach has administrative responsibility for the delivery of mail to nearly 40,000 customers in the Dubuque area, which includes two postal stations and more than 115 employees.




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