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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

NUTWOOD DRIVING CLUB. The Nutwood Driving Club existed as early as 1899 when Charles Thomas HANCOCK was not only the president of the club but the Great Western Circuit. (1)

The club's incorporation was announced in June, 1900 with a capital stock of $25,000. The board of directors included Charles Thomas HANCOCK, president; Dorrance Dixon MYERS; Nichols GLAB,treasurer; Frank COATES; Thomas James MULGREW; William Watts BONSON; and W. W. Van Sant, secretary. (2)

A directors' special meeting held on March 30, 1912 resulted in the election of officers and an executive committee. Thomas James MULGREW was elected president; Eugene E. FRITH, vice-president; George DeForest "Bud" ROSE, treasurer; and Bruce BALDWIN, secretary and manager of the races. (3) The executive committee including the officers involved W. W. Bonson, Franc W. ALTMAN, James A. Hayes, Nicholas GLAB, B. M. Fitzgerald, John W. SCHWIND, and Dr. W. P. Slattery. (4)

The officers decided to incorporate the club for $10,000. Shares would be valued at $100 with no limit to the number. The name of the club was retained from when Henry L. STOUT and Frank D. STOUT took over the park from M. J. Mulgrew, James CUSHING, John Babcock, and Philip Ryder in 1892. (5)

Plans called for the quick return of NUTWOOD PARK, the last mile track in the state, to the Great Western Trotting of racing. (6)



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