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LARSON, Jordan

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LARSON, Jordan. (Unknown--Unknown) Educated during his elementary years in a one-room rural school, Larson graduated the the University of Iowa with his bachelor's and master's degree and did post graduate work at Iowa State University in Ames. The announcement that he had been hired by the DUBUQUE COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT was made on June 17, 1940. For the five previous years, he had served as the superintendent of schools in Ames. During the summer, he taught school administration classes at Iowa State College in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Before his work in Ames, Larson had served five years as the superintendent in Grundy Center preceded by two years in the same position at Littleport and Garnavillo, Iowa. (1)

Larson with V. F. Sieverding, a Grundy Center attorney, envisioned the idea of Iowa Boys State. Larson was responsible for developing the educational phases of the project and was in charge of the general organization. He took over the personal direction of the program in 1938. (2)

Larson entered military service during WORLD WAR II and his position was filled by A. W. Merrill. Despite being in military service, the National Education Association chose to reappoint Larson to its committee on "new voter and preparation." This committee was charged with establishing a program of citizenship training in each state under the direction of the department of public instruction. (3)

After moving on to the superintendency at Mt. Vernon, NY, Dr. Larson was elected to the Presidency of the American Association of School Administrators and served during 1954 and 1955. (4)

The Jordan Larson Award was supported by a foundation grant made by Superintendent Larson’s daughter-in-law, Colleen Larson. The Jordan Larson Award includes a cash prize of $750 and a commemorative plaque. (5)



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