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The original Fulton elementary school at Central Avenue and 25th Street. Photo courtesy: William K. Hammel

FULTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Originally known as the Couler Avenue School, the building constructed in 1856 was renamed on December 23, 1889. In 1891 an addition to Fulton was constructed at a cost of $14,939.98.

The second Fulton elementary school at Central Avenue and Diagonal Street. The building in 2011 was an apartment building. Photo courtesy: Jeff Dyers

In 1901 property on the southwest corner of Couler Avenue and Diagonal STREETS was purchased as the site for the Fulton Annex. The construction was completed during December of 1902 at a cost of $37,279.57.

On August 29, 1938, a petition was filed requesting the board of education to call a special election to approve the issuance of bonds for the construction four new schools, including a replacement for Fulton. The proposition carried by a vote of 4,763 to 1,265.

Cover of dedication program. Photo courtesy: Jeff Dyers

In 1939 the proposition to sell the Fulton Annex passed at a regular election by a vote of 1,121 to 143. The new Fulton School, built at a cost of $212,763.73, was accepted by the board on April 16, 1941. A nursery school and child care center was opened at Fulton during the 1944-1945 school year to supplement the nursery in operation at AUDUBON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Fulton Annex was sold on Apri1 10, 1946.

Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

In 1966 Fulton Elementary was honored by the United States Treasury Department as the nation's #1 defense stamp seller. The school was selected for the honor on the basis of per capita sales during a 20-year period. A silver medal and certificate was presented to the school's principal, Henry Bregman, for his part in starting the school program in 1945. Between then and January, 1966 the school averaged $4,300 a year in defense stamp sales--an average of about $117 per week. (1)

Each Tuesday for twenty years, the students voluntarily purchased as many stamps as they wanted. An accumulation of $18.75 allowed a student to purchase a savings bond. Many Fulton students amassed between 15-20 bonds before finishing sixth grade. When the bond matured in seven years, nine months the value had increased to $25.00. (2)

In 1966 Fulton was one of an estimated 300 Iowa schools involved in the program. Other schools in Dubuque which participated included MARSHALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, IRVING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and Holy Ghost parochial school. (3)

In 1993 Fulton became an intermediate center for 3-6 graders as part of an alliance with Prescott and Audubon. In 1994 the school adopted a new mascot to accompany its academic program. Instead of being the home of the Mustangs, the school became the Steamers. This was seen as a link to Robert Fulton, steamboat inventor, artist, and engineer. The school also entered into business arrangements with HAWKEYE BANK OF DUBUQUE, CYCARE SYSTEMS, INC. and U. S. WEST. (4)

In 2003 Chris NUGENT was named the winner of the 2002 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. (5)

Fulton School in 2010.




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