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BURDEN, George A.

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BURDEN, George A. (Wright, IA, Feb. 3, 1866--Dubuque, IA, May 19, 1945). Early in his life, Burden was a cashier of a bank in Cascade, Iowa. Later he served as a director of the FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF DUBUQUE and vice-president of the IOWA TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK from 1912 to 1915. (1) Burden married Viola Rider and used some of the money earned from the investments of his father to construct a mansion at 130 W. 11th Street.

In 1908, soon after his marriage, Burden established FOUR MOUNDS, the last remaining intact GENTLEMAN'S FARM in Iowa, then far from the city. (2) Burden had "The Grey House" constructed by Lawrence Buck, a disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright. (3) Sixty acres perched over the bluffs of the MISSISSIPPI RIVER include over 15 historic buildings from 1908 through 1953. A more traditional home was built for his son George R. BURDEN.

Burden pursued a career in real estate with his son and developed several subdivisions in Dubuque including the Belmont Addition and the Burden-Lawther Addition. He was for many years associated with the RIDER-WALLIS DRY GOODS COMPANY. (4)



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