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Ancestry: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/7290191/person/230108148124/facts?_phsrc=TrL4322&_phstart=successSource


ANDERFINGER, Martin B. (Oswego, NY, Apr. 21, 1872--Los Angeles, CA, Dec. 16, 1962 ).

Photo courtesy: Bob Reding

MAYOR. Andelfinger began his career as the stenographer and private secretary to William C. Reich, the city editor of the New York Herald newspaper.

His first experience in the confectionery business was working for Young and Smyle, manufacturers of high grade licorice along the eastern coast of the United States and the National Licorice Company. His employment with these companies lasted over twenty years. Beginning in 1920 licorice was manufactured in Dubuque by the LICORICE PRODUCTS COMPANY which he founded. (1)

In 1929 Andelfinger was elected the State Commander of the Veterans of the Spanish-American War. (2) He served as the mayor of Dubuque the same year. According to the comprehensive city plan issued that year the development of HAM'S ISLAND for industrial purposes was proposed and the DUBUQUE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE hosted its "Made in Dubuque" event.

In 1931 Andelfinger was elected junior vice commander of the United States SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR veterans. (3)

Although he was a successful congressional nominee for the Second District in the Republican primaries, he lost in the general election of 1934.

He moved to Monrovia, California and campaigned unsuccessfully for the United States House of Representatives in 1934. (4)




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