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WOERDEHOFF, Valorie. (CA-- ). Valorie Woerdehoff received both bachelor's (English writing) and master's (Theology) degrees from LORAS COLLEGE. By 1987 she had been listed in the 11th edition of the International Authors and Writers Who's Who, Directory of Poets and Writers in America, and Who's Who in the U. S. Writers, Editors and Poets. She had been published in more than seventy magazines and anthologies. (1)

By 2016 she had spent over thirty years in higher education at the UNIVERSITY OF DUBUQUE, Clinton Community College, and Loras and had held positions including Director of Public Relations, Director of Publications, Director of Marketing, and Assistant to the President, with additional time spent managing a design firm and consulting. In 2016 she was Director of Foundation and Government Support at Loras, where she had been on staff for the past 21 years. (2)

In 2016 she served on the board of the SHALOM SPIRITUALITY CENTER and had previously served on the boards of the DUBUQUE AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Matter, Dubuque Convention and Visitors Bureau, DUBUQUEFEST/VERY SPECIAL ARTS, and the Dubuque Youth Leadership Council among others. She had been a member of three All American City Award application committees, Advertising Federation Advertisers of Dubuque, “Faces and Voices” Human Relations Conference Public Relations Task Force, Women’s Leadership Network, and the Dubuque County Veterans Affairs Commission. (3)

Her work earned her the Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce's Convention and Visitors Bureau Volunteer of the Year Award, Advertisers of Dubuque Silver Medal professional achievement award, and the River Arts Association Writer of the Year award. She earned over 150 Addy Awards and had over 200 of her creative pieces published in magazines, journals, and anthologies. She taught writing and publishing in classrooms and workshops for all ages and abilities and her writing earned her a grant from the Iowa Arts Council. (4) In 1986 along with John TIGGES she founded the SINIPEE WRITERS' WORKSHOP. (5)



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