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SIGWARTH, Anthony (Monsignor)

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SIGWARTH, Anthony (Monsignor). (Balltown, IA--Dubuque, IA, Dec. 27, 1985). Sigwarth led a life filled with church and community activity. He served as chairman of the MOUNT CALVARY CEMETERY board of directors from 1956 to 1977, dean of the Dubuque deanery for eight years, moderator of the Dubuque Vincentians for fourteen years, and was the last surviving member of the original board of directors of St. Mary's Credit Union.

Sigwarth's community activities centered in the northern area of Dubuque where he helped organize the Washington Neighborhood Group, Washington Tool Library, and the Washington Opportunity Center. He was a member of the city's first Human Rights Commission and was named "First Citizen" of Dubuque in 1978 by the Dubuque City Council. Sigwarth's attachment to Dubuque can be found in his four volumes of poetry most of which is about the city.



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