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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

SCHOLL, John H. (Maquoketa, IA, Aug. 7, 1922--Lakeside, CA, May 11, 1988). A well-known author and columnist, Scholl was a veteran of WORLD WAR II and worked as a corespondent for Stars and Stripes. He is best remembered for his 1963 novel entitled Changing of the Guard which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. It was said the novel put his hometown "on the map."

His popular "My Dubuqueland" column, a feature on business and events in the Tri-State region appeared in the TELEGRAPH HERALD for nine months in 1966. As a result of his column, he was named the annual Twin-O-Rama of Cassville, Wisconsin. In the 1970s Scholl wrote his "Country Boy" column in which he commented on local, national and international issues. He worked occasionally for the newspaper in Maquoketa, Quad City Times, Salt Lake City Telegraph, and Milwaukee Sentinel.



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