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SCHMID, Richard T.

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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

SCHMID, Richard T. (Dubuque, IA, Jan. 7, 1952--Dubuque, IA, Apr. 25, 2017) The oldest son of Thomas “Tom” B. and Elizabeth “Libby” (Thompson) Schmid, Dick was educated in various schools throughout the upper Midwest. He attended public and private school as a young child in Dubuque. He attended 7th and 8th grade at Sacred Heart Military Academy in Watertown, Wisconsin, high school at St. John’s Preparatory in Collegeville, MN, and college at St. Norbert’s in West De Pere, Wisconsin.

After graduating from college in 1975, Dick entered the Financial Management Program with General Electric in Salem, Virginia. In 1976 he moved to Atlanta, Georgia and entered General Electric’s Technical Marketing Program.

On April 4, 1977, Schmid went to work for his family’s business, CRESCENT ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY, where he remained for forty years. Dick held various positions within the company. He began in sales in the Chicago area and was eventually promoted to branch manager of various locations in and around the Chicago area. While in sales, Dick was number one in the company for several consecutive years.

In 1989, his uncle James A. SCHMID, CEO and president at the time, asked him to return home to Dubuque to work at the corporate offices in East Dubuque, IL.

While working for Crescent Electric’s corporate offices, Dick eventually lead the sales and marketing efforts for the entire company. As Crescent grew, Dick’s focus became strictly marketing. Under Dick’s leadership, several memorable successful marketing programs were implemented with trips and gifts as rewards. Dick’s many friendships with folks from across the United States in the electrical distribution industry were created, renewed, and maintained through trips taken to places all over the world.

Dick’s career with Crescent Electric led to a position as Senior Vice President and member of the Board of Directors.

Dick considered his employees part of his extended family. The most distressing thing for him was the decision to lay off employees during the recession of 2007-08. Dick took it upon himself to write holiday notes to the employees of Crescent Electric and called them personally on their anniversaries to recognize their dedication and thank them for their years of service.

Dick’s financial support and guidance in the creation of the CRESCENT COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER, SCHMID INNOVATION CENTER, and the Schmid Philanthropic Initiative offered citizens of Dubuque many opportunities. He was a Junior Achievement Volunteer, served on G.E.’s Lamp Market Advisory Council, and represented Crescent Electric as a member of NAED (National Association of Electrical Distributors), and ELECTRI International. Locally, Dick was a member of the Innovation Consortium for the Sustainable Committee of Dubuque.



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