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SALE, Albert

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SALE, Albert. (Broome County, NY, 1850--Fort Union, NM, Nov. 22, 1874). Recipient, MEDAL OF HONOR. Sale entered the United States military in Dubuque on August 16, 1868. Serving during the Indian Wars in the American West, Sale received the Medal of Honor for action near Toll Gate, Arizona on June 29, 1869. Troops in Company "F" of the 8th U.S. Cavalry under the command of Major W.R. Price were fighting the Apache, a southwestern tribe attempting to stop encroachments upon their ancestral lands. The cavalry and Apaches skirmished back and forth.

On June 26th a larger battle occurred when his unit surprised some Apaches on the Santa Maria River, killing four warriors and destroying some two hundred dwellings. Three days later, in a follow-up action, Sale killed an Apache warrior and seized his pony and ‘effects,’ probably his bow and arrow and other weapons. It was for this action that he received the medal.

Information provided by Richard G. Bridges