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NICOL, James H.

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NICOL, James H. (Dubuque, IA-- ). Nicol attended the PETER COOPER SCHOOL and was a member of WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, he attended Auburn Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church. He married and in 1906 with his bride left for Syria. (1)

For many years, Rev. Nicol worked at the American University in Beirut and established many schools. He also served on the Board of Foreign Missions of Syria and Africa. Following WORLD WAR I, he directed the aid mission of the Red Cross. (2) In 1926 he was the author of Where Our Missionaries Meet the Followers of the Prophet. In 1939 he wrote Missionary Cooperation in Syria and Palestine: An Account of the Progess in Cooperative Movements Especially The Missionary Educational Union and The United Missionary Council. In 1963 he was the author of The Autobiography of an Ordinary Soul. (3)



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