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Grandview Avenue. Illustration by Norman Zepeski

MILK HOUSE. A familiar sight at 620 South Grandview, the corner of Bryant and South Grandview, the Milkhouse was constructed in 1891 and prior to 1900 housed the T.J. Donahue Grocery Store. Sometime later the store was operated by George Helbing. The store later was operated as Hilken-Sullivan Grocery until it was purchased by the Sullivan family (Emmett, Libby, Leo, and Tom) in the late 1930s. (1)

When the building was sold to Clem Welsh, it was called the Grandview Milkhouse. In 1972 the business was renamed the GRANDVIEW DAIRY. In 1977 the building was sold to Earl Tegler from Dyersville. It was open in 1980.

The building until around 2013 served as the headquarters of TWO BY TWO. Following this, the building housed Milk House Artisan Eatery, Baked Goods and Catering. This business closed in November, 2020 following efforts of the owners to expand the restaurant. Neighbors opposed the plans through concerns about parking and noise. It was later determined that the property did not have a permit to operate as a restaurant of any type. (2)

In 2021 Tim Conlon, president and CEO of CONLON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, purchased the property with plans of restoring it to its original condition. There was no firm plan for its future business use. (3)


The 1983 through 1993 Dubuque City Directory listed Milk House #2 at 2311 Windsor and Milk House at 620 S. Grandview.

Milk House (No. 2) was listed in the 1972 through 1980 Dubuque City Directory at 2311 Windsor. The Milk House on University and Windsor was operated by Clem POLFER and his wife, Angie. (4) There had also been a Milk House (No. 3) located at 1540 Central Avenue.



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