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MCCAULEY,James Joseph

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James McCauley at Loras Academy. He is in the second row and the second from the right. Photo courtesy: James Flansburg.

MCCAULEY, James Joseph. (Dubuque, IA, June 5, 1925---India-Burma Hump WORLD WAR II, Feb. 1945). James Joseph McCauley, son of James C. and Clara (Stolteben) McCauley, was a top-rated baseball player when he attended LORAS ACADEMY in the early 1940s.

McCauley joined the Army Air Force after graduation in 1944. In February 1945, he was killed when his plane went down over the India-Burma Hump.

Less than seven months after his death, he received a letter from the Chicago Cubs which said they were interested in having him join the Cubs franchise.

Michaeil Sylvester MCCAULEY was James' uncle.

Photo courtesy: James Flansburg
Photo courtesy: James Flansburg



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