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Ink Blotter. Photo courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/ykyguidiiyr/
C. 1912. Photographer unknown, “[Linehan and Molo office],” Loras College Digital Collections, accessed April 11, 2014, https://digitalcollections.loras.edu/items/show/213.
Ink Blotter. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
Photo courtesy: Bob Reding

LINEHAN & MOLO. William S. MOLO came to Dubuque at the age of twenty-four and found employment with A.Y.MCDONALD MANUFACTURING COMPANY. He remained with the company for five years before purchasing the plumbing business of MORRISON BROTHERS COMPANY and established business at 472 Main. This company merged with HANSEN AND LINEHAN to form Linehan & Molo.

The company expanded while specializing in large plumbing and heating contracts. Among these jobs were the JULIEN HOTEL; DUBUQUE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL; JEFFERSON JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL; WASHINGTON JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL; ST. RAPHAEL'S CATHEDRAL; Loras Hall, St. Francis, and St. Joseph of COLUMBIA COLLEGE, MT. ST. JOSEPH COLLEGE, as well as schools in Wisconsin, Illinois Nebraska, and Missouri.

The company was also a retail and wholesale distributor of coal and coke. This was handled by Bart L. MOLO. He was also the manager of the company's subsidiary, MOLO SAND AND GRAVEL COMPANY. This company operated the steamer "Harriet" and several barges.

The 1899-1900 through the 1923 Dubuque City Directory stated that this business was located at 472 Main.

The 1934 through 1968 Dubuque City Directory listed 135 W. 5th.

The 1970 through 1985 Dubuque City Directory listed 41 Main.

The 1987 through 1989 Dubuque City Directory listed 123 Southern.



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