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LINEHAN, Bart E. (Dubuque, IA, June 11, 1853--Memphis, TN, July 22, 1907). Linehan's business sense was noticed by William E. WELLINGTON who persuaded him to leave the commercial college and accept a clerkship on the wharf-boat of the packet company of which Mr. Wellington was superintendent. Linehan held this position for five years, when, with his business partner, M.N. Hansen, he purchased the business from their former employer and established one of the largest businesses in the city. They also did a large grain, coal and hay business and operated a large farm in Delaware County. (1)

Linehan served as secretary and treasurer of the Dunleith and Dubuque Ferry Company and the DUBUQUE STREET RAILWAY COMPANY, director of the Dubuque County Bank and the Northwestern Agricultural and Mechanical Association. In 1892 he was the president of the UNITED STATES ELECTRIC LIGHT AND POWER COMPANY. With William S. MOLO, he established LINEHAN & MOLO and the foundation of the MOLO OIL COMPANY. (2)

Civic-minded, he supported efforts to construct another wagon-bridge at EAGLE POINT. (3) In 1880 Linehan and his brother purchased the ground and established a baseball park for the community. (4) Linehan made one of the first efforts in having the large sand-bar in front of the harbor removed. (5) Interested in furthering the interests of the city, he served as secretary of the St. Paul Railroad Convention in 1877, delegate to the New Orleans Commercial Convention in 1878, and delegate to the Quincy Convention of 1879. (6)

Shortly before his death, Linehan journeyed to South America and obtained a contract for his company to supply paving to Panama.



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