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KUHN, Roberta

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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

KUHN, Roberta. (Chicago, IL, February 5, 1908--Dubuque, IA, Nov. 5, 1993). Sister Kuhn received her bachelor's degree from Mundelein College, Chicago and took graduate work at the Catholic University, Washington, D. C. (1) She entered the BVM order on September 25, 1925 and served as a teacher at St. Mary School in Cedar Falls, Iowa and St. Tarcissus School in Chicago; principal at St. Cornelius and Our Lady of Lourdes schools in Chicago; and provincial superior of St. Joseph Province, Des Moines. She served as the first president of the SISTERS OF CHARITY OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY (BVM) from 1967 to 1972. (2)

Sister Kuhn led the order through a time of nationwide decline in the number of people entering religious life. As a result of fewer BVM sisters, some Catholic schools closed while others had more lay teachers. In her duties, she met with the bishops of 29 dioceses to help them through the transition. (3)

Sister Kuhn lived eleven years after the opening of the ROBERTA KUHN CENTER and took bridge classes for several years. (4)



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