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KLAUER, Walter E.

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Photo courtesy: Paul Hemmer

KLAUER, Walter E. (Dubuque, IA, Aug. 21, 1899--Chicago, IL, Jan. 31, 1964). Klauer, the son of William H. KLAUER, attended St. Mary's High School and COLUMBIA COLLEGE. During WORLD WAR I as a second lieutenant, he was stationed Ft. Sheridan and later was appointed military instructor at the Ft. Worth University in Fort Worth, Texas. (1)

After the war, Klauer graduated in three years in mechanical engineering at Notre Dame. He then returned to Dubuque to work in the family business, KLAUER MANUFACTURING COMPANY, and serve as a director beginning in 1946. (2) He was responsible for the development of the rotary snow remover and held many patents on snow removing equipment. The company manufactured the famous "Sno-Go." (3) He married Abby Lyon McDonald, the only daughter of Mrs. Andrew Young MCDONALD in 1929. (4)

In the 1920s Klauer founded radio station WKBB, a predecessor of station WDBQ. He was also president of the Klauer Julien Hotel Company which owned the Julien Hotel (now HOTEL JULIEN DUBUQUE) until it was sold. Klauer, one of the first residents of Dubuque to own a private airplane, actively participated in aviation activities for many years. (5) In 1936 he was one of many prominent Dubuque residents who accepted membership on the COLUMBIA MUSEUM AND INSTITUTE OF ART board of directors. (6) He was also a member of 40 and 8. (7)



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