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HEITKAMP, George William

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1150 Carmel Drive. Photo courtesy: Old House Enthusiasts' Club House Tour, 2010

HEITKAMP, George William. (Menominee,IL--Dubuque, IA, May 3, 1964). Heitkamp served as a professor of physics and geology and a member of the faculty of LORAS COLLEGE for fifty years.

Joining the Loras faculty in 1914, Heitkamp served from 1927 to 1928 as president of the Iowa Athletic Conference. From 1937 through WORLD WAR II, he was a member of the Iowa Board of Basic Science Examiners. During World War II, Heitkamp served at Loras as the coordinator of Navy officer training.

In 1946, in recognition of his efforts in the areas of science and education, Heitkamp was named a KNIGHT OF ST. GREGORY by Pope Pius XII. The planetarium on the Loras campus was named in his honor.