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HEALEY, George W.

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George W. Healey

HEALEY, George Washington. (Dubuque, IA, Feb. 22, 1842--Dubuque, IA, May 9, 1913). MEDAL OF HONOR recipient, private, Company E, 5th Iowa Cavalry. Healey, one of Dubuque's two Medal of Honor recipients, won his award for action on July 29, 1864, during the CIVIL WAR.

Nearly surrounded by Confederate troops at Newman, Georgia on July 29, 1864, Healey captured an enemy soldier and, with the aid of another Union soldier, succeeded in capturing four other Confederate troops, disarming them and bringing them into the Union lines.

Section of one of the stockade palisades surrounding Andersonville Prison Prison. Two stockade posts were shipped to Healey from Andersonville. The original posts were sixteen feet long and Mr. Healey paid nearly ten dollars for freight charges to get them to Dubuque. One was sawed up and given to Grand Army of the Republic comrades and relic hunters; the other he kept among his relics at the store.

Captured later by Confederates, Healey was imprisoned in the infamous Andersonville prison from which he later had timbers sent to Dubuque that were displayed in his hardware store.

At the end of the war, Healey was part of the guard detail assigned to Jefferson DAVIS. (See: Francis J. HERRON) (1)

1879 advertisement. Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

After his return to Dubuque, he took a job in the store of William Chamberlain and remained there until September, 1877. He then joined his brother, Edward T. HEALEY in operating HEALEY BROTHERS. When Edward died, Charles bought out his interest and the firm of CHRISTMAN & HEALEY was formed. This operated until at least 1894.

See: George W. Healey






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