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GUDENKAUF, Heather. (Wagner, SD-- ). In 2016 Heather Gudenkauf was the Edgar Award nominated author of the bestselling novels The Weight of Silence, These Things Hidden, and One Breath Away. (1) In September, 2010 she was the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author for her first novel, The Weight of Silence published by Mira Books. (2)

Her books include: (3)

Before She Was Found, 2019

Little Mercies, 2018

Anthology: A Thousand Doors, 2018 (contributor)

Not a Sound, 2017

Missing Pieces, July 2016 Trade Size

Missing Pieces, February 2016 Hardcover

The Weight of Silence, February 2016 Mass Market Paperback (reprint)

Little Mercies, July 2014 Paperback

Little Lies, May 2014 e-Book

One Breath Away, July 2012 Paperback

These Things Hidden, February 2011 Trade Size

The Weight of Silence, August 2009 Paperback

Gaudenkauf was the youngest of six children. As a newborn, her family returned to the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Her father was a guidance counselor and her mother was a school nurse. At the age of three, her family moved to Iowa. Born with a profound unilateral hearing impairment, she used books as a retreat and became a voracious reader.

In 2010 as a graduate of the University of Iowa with a degree in elementary education, Gudenkauf was an Instructional Coach, an educator offering curricular and professional support to teachers, in the DUBUQUE COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT. In 2016 she was the Title I Reading Coordinator for the District. (4) She announced in 2019 that she was retiring from education to become a full-time writer. (5)



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