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GRAVES, Caroline Dexter

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GRAVES, Caroline Dexter. (Plainfield, CN, 1805--Dubuque, IA, Dec. 16, 1876). Caroline came to Dubuque with her husband, a Mr. Dexter, in 1835. She later married a Mr. Graves after the death of her husband some twenty years later. (1)

Soon after arriving in Dubuque, Caroline began teaching spelling, writing, arithmetic and needlepoint in a log cabin located in WASHINGTON PARK. She also taught in the first Sunday School and was in charge of its library. (2)

Despite being the first female teacher in Dubuque, Graves' burial site was unmarked in Center Grove Cemetery until research was undertaken by Margaret Walser. She located the site and then spearheaded fund-raising through the DUBUQUE COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT, the Retired Teachers Association, and Brannon Monuments to purchase a marker which was placed in December 2004.



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