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Photo courtesy: Jim Massey

G. H. BOLDT COMPANY. Located at 872 Main, Bold't were "bakers, confectioners, and ice cream manufacturers." In 1919 shipments of ice cream were limited to less than one hundred miles so the brand found eager customers as far away as Waterloo, Marshalltown, Oelwein, Galena and Stockton, Illinois.

The company was organized in the early 1900s as a bakery. A specialty was fancy candies and cakes for parties and dinners. Ice cream and ices in figures were also made to order. In addition to a large whole sale trade within one hundred miles, the company enjoyed an extensive retail trade in the city with four wagons used for delivering orders. In 1919 the company advertised that it would soon open a cafe for serving lunches and regular dinners.

Photo courtesy: www.dubuquepostcards.com



Boldt Co.'s Ice Cream and Confections are an "Ad" for Dubuque, Telegraph Herald, Nov. 1919