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RESTAURANT. Food catering establishments which may be described as restaurants were known in Kaifeng, China's northern capital during the first half of the Song Dynasty (960–1279). Restaurants spread rapidly across the world, with the first in the United States (Jullien's Restarator) opened in Boston in 1794. The oldest restaurant in continuous operation in the United States, Union Oyster House, is also in Boston and has been open since 1826. Most restaurants used the standard approach of providing a shared meal on the table to which customers would then help themselves (Service à la française, commonly called "family style" restaurants). Formal dining with waiters carrying platters of food around the table and diners serving themselves, Service à la russe, is thought to have been introduced to France by the Russian Prince Kurakin in the 1810s.

Residents of Dubuque have enjoyed restaurants including:

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