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1585 Central Avenue

DIAMOND VOGEL PAINT CENTER. Vogel Paint and Wax was started in 1926 by Andrew Vogel in Orange City, Iowa. He had immigrated from Holland back around 1910 with his parents. His father was also a painter and paper hanger in Holland. When Andrew moved to northwest Iowa he began farming. After not having much success, and realizing that the paints available to him at the time were inferior to those his family had made in Holland, he began to manufacture a red barn paint and a white house paint in his garage.

In the 1940s after WORLD WAR II, Andrew's sons got more involved in the business. Under son Frank's leadership, the company began to grow and bewcame a major supplier of industrial coatings to the booming "short-line" farm implement factories of the Midwest.

In 1967 Vogel Paint purchased the Diamond Products Company located in Marshalltown, Iowa. Diamond Products had several retail stores in central Iowa and the company has continued to expand on that store base. It was soon after that the company began to go to market under the name of Diamond Vogel Paints.

Over fifty years ago, Frank Vogel started working full-time at the age of seventeen with his father. In 1958 he became the company's first president. Through his thirty-six years as president, chairman and CEO, annual company sales grew from less than $150,000 to well over $100 million. In 2011 Diamond Vogel Paints operates seven manufacturing facilities, services the Midwest with over eighty retail centers, and employs over eight hundred people.

The 1985 through 1987 Dubuque City Directory listed Diamond Vogel Paint and Decorating at 1585 Central.



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