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COLLIER, James Currie

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1072 West 3rd. Photo courtesy: Old House Enthusiasts' Club House Tour, 1993
Cemetery marker in Linwood Cemetery.

COLLIER, James Currie. (Dubuque, IA-Apr. 26, 1869--Dubuque, IA, Mar. 28, 1947). Collier, son of Robert Hutcheson COLLIER, enrolled in graduate chemistry at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland planning to follow his father in the gunpowder business. He worked for a short time in the New York office of LAFLIN AND RAND POWDER COMPANY before supervising one of their mills in Wayne, New Jersey. (1)

Becoming a brother-in-law of John Taylor ADAMS with his marriage to Susan Adams on September 6, 1894, Collier returned to Dubuque in 1895 and found employment in the general offices of the CARR, RYDER, AND ENGLER COMPANY, manufacturers of sash, millwork, and doors. In 1899 he was a director of the company and its treasurer.

The company's name was changed in 1899 after reorganization to CARR, ADAMS AND COLLIER COMPANY. From 1900 until January 9, 1904, Collier served as the company's vice-president. He was the operating head of the company beginning in 1916 and president beginning in 1939. (2)

In addition to his business interests, Collier served as vice-president of the LINWOOD CEMETERY Association, president of The Finley Hospital Association, and was a member of the board of education. He was vice-president and a director of FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF DUBUQUE and the SPAHN AND ROSE LUMBER COMPANY. He was considered an expert in color photography. (3)

His son was Robert Hutchison Collier II.



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