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Christ the King Chapel.jpg

CHRIST THE KING CHAPEL. A LORAS COLLEGE landmark built in 1946-47, the chapel was constructed as a memorial to servicemen of WORLD WAR II. The chapel was especially dedicated to Naval Chaplain Aloysius SCHMITT.

A Dubuque priest, Schmitt was among the 429 killed aboard the U.S.S. Oklahoma when it was destroyed during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. An altar in the chapel was donated by Joseph P. Kennedy, father of John F. KENNEDY, in memory of his oldest son, Joe, Jr., killed during the war.

The building was primarily constructed of stone native to the tri-state area. The design of the chapel includes gospel and epistle elements captured in stained glass windows. The windows, designed in Dubuque, were made in New York by the Rambusch Company. They tell a story about Jesus, the values of the college, and the history of Dubuque.

H. W. (Harry) WAHLERT, a prominent Dubuque businessman and one of the cities greatest philanthropists, and his wife Flora are buried in a crypt in the basement of the chapel.