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BRADLEY, William L. Jr.

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Photo courtesy: Bradley and Diane Chalmers

BRADLEY, William L., Jr. (Ohio, Oct. 25, 1859--Dubuque, IA, Aug. 4, 1929). An owner of large tracts of land along Asbury Road, Bradley was listed on March 22, 1890, as a trustee of the Finley Home Addition. Nevada Park was registered in his name on May 8, 1913. On December 12, 1927, Hillcrest Subdivision #2 was recorded in the name of William L. Bradley, Jr., the president and only stockholder of the Realty Improvement Company.

William Bradley Jr. with two partners commissioned the construction of the GRAND OPERA HOUSE. He owned 98% of GRAND OPERA HOUSE, INC. and within two or three years of the building's completion he bought out the other investors. After he died, the ownership was passed on to Mary Bradley Chalmers, his daughter, who owned it until she sold it to Richard Davies of Des Moines, IA. The Grand Opera House was in the Bradley family for 80 years. He owned the GRAND THEATRE, STRAND THEATER, AVON THEATER, and the STATE THEATRE which together were known as the BRADLEY THEATRES. With his brothers, he owned Bradley Brothers Cigars.

Bradley served as the first president of the SECOND NATIONAL BANK and was supportive of local charity work, especially the Community Chest.

Linwood Cemetery marker



Bradley and Diane Chalmers. email-May 22, 2013

Bradley and Diane Chalmers, email-February 2, 2018