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BIRD, Willis E.

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BIRD, Willis E. (Veta Grand, IL--Dubuque, IA, Jan. 8,1946). Bird came to Dubuque in 1928 when he became associated with the local Chevrolet dealership. In 1937 Bird, with Arthur J. Walsh as a minor partner, established BIRD CHEVROLET. (1)

Bird first entered the automobile industry in Scales Mound, Illinois, where he operated a dealership and garage beginning in 1918. In Dubuque he held memberships in the DUBUQUE AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and the Dubuque Traveling and Business Men's associations. (2)

In addition to his business activities, Bird in 1944 was a member of the Dubuque Maintenance Advisory Committee, office of Defense Transportation. As a result of a critical shortage of mechanics during WORLD WAR II, the Committee started a training course for prospective automobile mechanics. Boys between the ages of 16 and 17 1/2 and all draft exempt men between 18 and 40 were eligible. (3)



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