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MUSIC. The "Beautiful Dubuque Waltz," composed by John William Kothe of Dubuque was first published in 1860 by W. J. Gilbert of Dubuque. The music, dedicated to Maria the daughter of Senator George Wallace JONES, was first performed by the GERMANIA BAND at their Christmas concert on December 27, 1860, held at the Julien Theater. Kothe, a local confectioner, left Dubuque for Cincinnati with hope of achieving success in the music business. After publishing a copyright edition of the waltz in 1869, he was last known as a piano tuner.


The Beautiful Dubuque Waltz composed by J. W. Kothe

Performed by David RESNICK (Dubuque City Council)

Recorded at Clarke University, March, 2014

<flashmp3>http://www.encyclopediadubuque.org/audio/Beautiful_Dubuque_Waltz.mp3</flashmp3> "Beautiful Dubuque Waltz" composed in 1860 in Dubuque, Iowa by John William Kothe. Performed by Jan Boland on 19th-century wooden flute and John Dowdall on 19th-century gut strung guitar. Recorded May 1994 at King Chapel, Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa. From the CD Home Sweet Home: Parlor Music from the Civil War Era by Jan Boland and John Dowdall, et al, Koch International Classics, 1995. Used with permission of John Dowdall. Please visit http://www.redcedar.org/ for more info.