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BAAL, Martin

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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

BAAL, Martin (Pittsburgh, PA, Aug. 14, 1843--Dubuque, IA, Apr. 12, 1930). Baal's parents came west in 1852 and settled in Dubuque County. During the CIVIL WAR, he enlisted in Co. E, 21st I.V.I. and fought in five battles.

On May 17, 1863 at the Battle of Black River Bridge in Mississippi he was shot in the right foot which led to its amputation. He later became a member of the Lookout Post of the GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC (G. A. R.).

Baal learned the trade of cigar making in Dubuque and began business for himself in 1876 at 1355 Iowa Street. (2)



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